Warm Audio

Warm Audio was founded in 2011 upon a simple principle, which was to build sonically high-end recording products, but to also make them affordable to the everyday musician and recording engineer.
Warm Audio manufactures classic analog recording gear that many musicians only dreamt of owning just a few years ago. Warm Audio has quickly generated a fanatic fan base and is becoming a movement that is changing the pro audio industry.

Warm Audio manufactures popular coveted pro audio equipment including; microphone preamplifiers, compressors, equalizers and microphones that are designed, developed and tested in-house in Texas, USA.  Warm Audio has introduced over 16 innovative products to the Pro Audio market to date that have received multiple nominations and awards by renowned industry professionals (TEC Awards, Sound On Sound Awards, Resolutions Awards, MusicTech Awards and Music Inc. Editors Choice Awards).

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