Founded in 1931 by Adolph Rickenbacker and George D. Beauchamp, this pioneering firm produced "Rickenbacker Electro Instruments", the first modern electric guitars. RIC''s history now spans 87 years in business on the leading edge of music trends that have changed popular culture forever.
In the early 1960s Rickenbacker history became forever wedded to one of the biggest music upheavals of the 20th century: the invasion of the mop-top Beatles from Liverpool, England. The Beatles used several Rickenbacker models in the early years.

Soon Rickenbacker created the sound and image of bands on both sides of the Atlantic. Jim (later Roger) McGuinn-who bought a Rickenbacker 360/12 after seeing the movie "A Hard Day''s Night"-literally made the bell-like quality of its tone the foundation of the Byrds'' early style. The Who''s Peter Townshend, Creedence Clearwater Revival''s John Fogerty, Steppenwolf''s John Kay, and many other well-known 1960s guitarists became faithful Rickenbacker users.
Many legendary bass players, such as Paul McCartney, Chris Squire (Yes), Geddy Lee (Rush), Cliff Burton (Metallica) and ”The One And Only” Lemmy also became faithful Rickenbacker users.

Today all Rickenbacker instruments are still produced exclusively in Santa Ana, California.

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