Wide Format 3.2mm


Wide Format 3.2mm

Artno: 506668

451 € (Ex VAT)



Ellipse Aura allows acoustic musicians to easily and accurately replicate the sound of their instrument, as mic’d in a professional studio. Players can load up to four Aura Images into this intuitive, discreetly mounted soundhole-mounted preamp. The ergonomic design of the Ellipse Aura puts slider controls at the player’s fingertips, helping to maintain a natural playing position.

The Ellipse Aura features Pickup/Image Blend, Volume and switchable Natural I and Natural II Low Frequency toneshaping, a Phase Switch and automatic Anti-Feedback control.

- Battery life : 33 h

- Brightness wheel : No

- Category : [ACC11_categorie322]

- Instrument : [ACC11_instrument323]

- Integrated preamp : Yes

- Low battery indicator : Yes

- Notch filter : No

- Nut width : 3.20 mm

- Power supply : 9V battery

- Professional installation : Yes

- Saddle length : 67 mm

- Soundhole width : 98 mm

- Tuner : No

- Type : [micro_guitare_acoustique_type_micro_actif]

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