Archtop Guitar Pickup


Archtop Guitar Pickup

Artno: 505757

250 € (Ex VAT)



Dual vibration-sensing piezo elements embedded in an adjustable ebony bridge give this pickup an unmistakable acoustic ambience. When paired with an impedance-matching preamp such as our Platinum Stage, Platinum Pro EQ or Powerjack, the full potential of our Archtop guitar pickup can be realized.

Most instruments with a distance of 2.914" (74.01mm) between adjustable bridge posts (center to center)

- Brightness wheel : No

- Category : [ACC11_categorie4121]

- Instrument : [ACC11_instrument323]

- Low battery indicator : No

- Notch filter : No

- Professional installation : No

- Tuner : No

- Type : [ACC11_type328]

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