Niclas Luthman joins Algam Nordic

Niclas Luthman joins the Algam Nordic team as Partner and Chairman of the board.

Algam Nordic, a Nordic distribution company of musical instruments and pro-audio gear, today announced that Niclas Luthman joins the team as Partner and Chairman of the board.

Niclas Luthman, a true entrepreneur and founder of several companies and brands such as Luthman Scandinavia, 4Sound and Nick’s, is back in the MI and Pro Audio industry.

Niclas has been heavily involved in the industry since the beginning of the nineties and was the main architect behind building Luthman Scandinavia to be one of the main distribution companies in Europe. In 2003 he also founded the 4Sound retail concept.

Luthman Scandinavia and the 4Sound retail concept was sold to Music Retail Holding (a Norwegian company with majority shareholder NorgesInvestor IV PE Fund) in 2007.

After a strong disagreement with Norgesinvestor in 2011, when the board decided to change the business model of 4 Sound, terminating all franchise stores to focus on fully owned stores, Niclas resigned as CEO for Luthman in protest against what he called “a crucial mistake”.

Since then Niclas has focused on his new project, Nick’s. Nick’s is a food science company developing state of the art, “better for you”, snacks, ice cream and natural sweeteners currently sold in over 15 countries.

“I’m thrilled to be back in the industry where I started my career. Timing is perfect. There are major changes in the industry, just like when we first started up. I strongly believe in the efficient and innovative setup of Algam Nordic and our strong French partner, Algam. It’s crucial to have fresh and new ideas in today’s shifting market”.

“It will also be great to work with my former colleagues again, as well as Gerard, Benjamin and the rest of the Algam team all over Europe” said Niclas.

“I’ve been working together with Niclas since we founded Luthman Scandinavia in 1990 and I got a huge confidence and trust in him. He will be a huge asset for us when building our new distribution setup. I’m really looking forward to build this distribution company together with Niclas” says Örjan Kylhammar, CEO of Algam Nordic.

“Niclas Luthman knows a thing or two about startups and our industry, that’s an understatement off course. And Niclas knows everything about brand building and he is also no less than a marketing genius. It’s so inspiring to finally work together with Niclas again” said Trond Sjøli, Sales & Marketing Director of Algam Nordic.

“Niclas Luthman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a true gentleman. I met with Niclas twenty years ago and we discussed doing business together. I’m so pleased that it is finally happening” said Gérard Garnier, President and Founder of Algam.

“I''m really excited about our new project Algam Nordic. We got an efficient and powerful setup for the Nordic region. And now with my friend Niclas Luthman on board I’m even more convinced that this will be a huge success” said Benjamin Garnier, Managing Director Algam.

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