Passive Dual 12-inch Flying Subwoofer


Passive Dual 12-inch Flying Subwoofer

Artno: 571555

3 144 € (Ex VAT)



The QSC WideLine is a full range line array loudspeaker system designed for use in a wide variety of venues, ranging from ballrooms, theaters and nightclubs to concert halls, houses of worship and arenas. The WideLine features an open, natural sound quality and exceptionally wide 140° horizontal coverage pattern - the widest of any line array system currently available.

The WideLine 8 Series features the WL3082 (two 8-inch woofers) along with two models of dual 12" subs; the "flying" WL212-sw and the ground-stacked GP212-sw.

- Color : Black

- Dimensions (mm) : 381 × 508 × 737

- Finishing : Black

- Power output : 1,100 W

- Powered : No

- Speaker diameter : 2 x 12"

- Weight (kg) : 49.40 kg

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