Lightweight - GL

Lightweight - GL

If you never leave home, a simple nylon dust cover will do the trick. On the other hand, if you are a great traveller in front of the eternal, a case is essential, especially if you travel by train or plane, airport baggage handlers are not known for their delicacy. Between these two possibilities coexist all sorts of more or less padded, padded covers, which, as you will have understood, protect all the better when they are thick.


A protective softcase.

In recent years, softcases, rigid but very light cases that combine robustness and protection have become popular, not to mention shoulder straps for backpack style wear. Ideal for those who like two- wheels or walking! Another advantage is that they are protective enough to travel in the trunk of a car as long as you take care to wedge them.

Whatever its price, you have invested good money in your guitar and it would be a shame if that investment were reduced to nothing for neglecting sufficient protection.

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